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RD Sharma Solution Class 12th

While preparing for your UP Board Class 12th or other entrance exams, you must be very strong in your fundamental principles. After thorough study of NCERT , now you need to move forward and RD Sharma is thefinal destination.

Professor RD Sharma is known for his contributions and achievements in the part of mathematics. His book “Mathematical Class XII” by RD Sharma, with the help of which the future of millions of students has become better in mathematics.

RD Sharma Math Solution

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RD Sharma Book PDF Download 

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Download RD Sharma 12th Math Solution PDF

Chapter NameDownload Link
RelationsDownload  PDF
FunctionsDownload PDF
Binary OperationsDownload PDF
Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsDownload PDF
Algebra of MatricesDownload PDF
DeterminantsDownload PDF
Adjoin and Inverse of a MatrixDownload PDF
Solution of Simultaneous Linear EquationsDownload PDF
ContinuityDownload PDF
DifferentiationDownload PDF
DifferentiationDownload PDF
Higher Order DerivativesDownload PDF
Derivative as a Rate MeasurerDownload PDF
Differentials, Errors and ApproximationsDownload PDF
Mean Value TheoremsDownload PDF
Tangents and NormalsDownload PDF
Increasing and Decreasing FunctionsDownload PDF
Maxima and MinimaDownload PDF
Indefinite IntegralsDownload PDF
Definite IntegralsDownload PDF
Areas of Bounded RegionsDownload PDF
Differential EquationsDownload PDF
Algebra of VectorsDownload PDF
Scalar Or Dot ProductDownload PDF
Vector or Cross ProductDownload PDF
Scalar Triple ProductDownload PDF
Direction Cosines and Direction RatiosDownload PDF
Straight Line in SpaceDownload PDF
The PlaneDownload PDF
Linear programmingDownload PDF
ProbabilityDownload PDF
Mean and Variance of a Random VariableDownload PDF
Binomial DistributionDownload PDF