Learn Indian History: Must Read Articles

Ancient India

  • Indian History: Ancient India to Modern India Chronology
  • Indus Valley Civilization
  • Important Indus Valley Sites and Archaeological Discoveries
  • Ancient India: Customs and Practices (NCERT)
  • Ancient India: Early Cities and Republics (NCERT)
  • Ancient India: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism (NCERT)
  • Ancient India: Maurya and Post-Maurya Rulers (NCERT)
  • Ancient India: Gupta and Post-Gupta (NCERT)

Medieval India

  • Medieval India: Tripartite Struggle and Cholas (NCERT)
  • Medieval India: Delhi Sultanate (NCERT)
  • Medieval India: Mughal Dynasty (NCERT)
  • Medieval India: Rulers and Buildings (NCERT)
  • Medieval India: Towns, Traders, and Craftspersons (NCERT)
  • Medieval India: Tribes, Nomads, and Settled Communities (NCERT)
  • Medieval India: Bhaktism, Sufism, and Sikhism (NCERT)
  • Medieval India: Regional Cultures (NCERT)
  • Medieval India: 18th Century Political Formations (NCERT)

Modern India

  • Land Revenue Systems in British India: Zamindari, Ryotwari, and Mahalwari
  • Historical Background of Indian Constitution


  • Prehistoric Era Art – Rock Paintings (Indian Culture Series – NCERT)
  • Arts of Indus Valley Civilization (Indian Culture Series – NCERT)
  • Arts of the Mauryan Period (Indian Culture Series – NCERT)
  • Post-Mauryan Trends in Indian Art and Architecture (Indian Culture Series – NCERT)
  • Later Mural Traditions (Indian Culture Series – NCERT)
  • Temple Architecture and Sculpture – Hindu, Buddhist and Jain (Indian Culture Series – NCERT)
  • Indian Bronze Sculpture (Indian Culture Series – NCERT)
  • Indo-Islamic Architecture (Indian Culture Series – NCERT)
  • Indian Philosophy: Orthodox and Heterodox Schools
  • Buddhist Councils: Everything you need to know!
  • Hindu Temple Architecture: Pallava
  • Hindu Temple Architecture: Cholas
  • Hindu Temple Architecture: Chalukyas
  • Hindu Temple Architecture: Hoysala
  • Classical Dances of India: Everything you need to know about