In this lesson we will be learning about important computer terminologies. Computer terminologies are discussed in the form of acronyms in computers, abbreviations in computers and a few computer terminology basics.

Computer termonilogy for beginners lesson is aimed at giving computer science terminology and computer terms explained. Computer terms and definition are briefly given for your understanding about computer terms full form. This will be useful in competitive exams such as computer terms for bank exams.

Lesson Terms:

initialize – to format a disk for use in the computer; creates a new directory and arranges the tracks for the recording of data.

insertion point – in word processing, the short flashing marker which indicates where your next typing will begin.

installer – software used to install a program on your hard drive.

interrupt button – a tool used by programmers to enter the debugging mode. The button is usually next to the reset button.

keyboard shortcut – a combination of keystrokes that performs some function otherwise found in a pulldown menu.

landscape – in printing from a computer, to print sideways on the page.

launch – start an application.

Measurements (summary) –
*a bit = one binary digit (1 or 0)

*”bit” is derived from the contraction bit (binary digit) -> 8 bits = one byte
*1024 bytes = one kilobyte
*K = kilobyte
*Kb = kilobit
*MB = megabyte
*Mb = megabit
*MB/s = megabytes per second
*Mb/s = megabits per second
*bps = bits per second
i.e., 155 Mb/s = 19.38 MB/s

MB – short for megabyte.

megabyte – 1024 kilobytes.

memory – the temporary holding area where data is stored while it is being used or changed; the amount of RAM a computer has installed.

menu – a list of program commands listed by topic.

menu bar – the horizontal bar across the top of the Mac¹s screen that lists the menus.

multi tasking – running more than one application in memory at the same time.

nanosecond – one billionth of a second. ( or, the time between the theatrical release of a Dudley Moore film and the moment it begins to play on airplanes).

operating system – the system software that controls the computer.

optical disk – a high-capacity storage medium that is read by a laser light.

palette – a small floating window that contains tools used in a given application.

partition – a subdivision of a hard drives surface that is defined and used as a separate drive.