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Environment Environment GK Questions

Earth is the only planet in the known planets of the Solar System. Where life is possible. The reason for this is the environment here. It is done by people in different ways. Physicists consider this as a physical environment. And it involves the living organisms of the biosphere. At the same time social scientists define it in the social, economic, organizational environment rooms. In general terms, the hope of environment is in the composite form of the biological and abiotic components and the surroundings around them, which makes the basis of life on earth possible. So the environment is a natural environment. Which helps in developing, nurturing and ending life on Earth.

The word environment is derived from the French language ‘Environner’. Which means – surrounded or enclosed. The word ‘environment’ literally means the external conditions affecting the growth and development of humans, animals or plants, the working system and the conditions of life and so on. According to the Environment (Protection) Act 1986, the environment is surrounded by the thieves of an organism, consolidates physical and biological conditions and interactions with them.

Ecology and Environment GK Questions

Environment that circumstanceAnd displays physical conditions. Those that enclose a single organism or organism around it and affect it, or the environment is natural and socio-cultural conditions. Which affects a single human or human community. Since human beings are from natural fields to manufacture or in technological, social and cultural areas. So they can all survive in the environment, They perform interactions with each other and are influenced by the whole complex environmental factors. Environment is a combination of all organic and inorganic ingredients. Some factors of the environment, in the form of resources, interact with others and interact. And is influenced by the whole complex environmental factors. Environment is a combination of all organic and inorganic ingredients. Various components of the environment are interconnected and interconnected. While some factors of the environment work as a resource, while the other factors act as control.

Environmental factors and environmental factors 

Since the environment is a physical and biological concept, so the physical or inorganic components of the Earth are included in it. Based on this basic structure of the environment, the environment can be divided into the following types:

The structure of one level of the environment is enclosed with another level, and there is no clear-cut line between its different levels. The environment can be understood on a large and small scale. It is characterized by regional and global climate trends and local micro climate. It was able to adapt the resources themselves but the supremacy of nature had become.

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Industrial revolution and the development of science and technology played a major role in determining the direction of human-environment relations. But the industrial revolution and the development of science and technology played a major role in deciding the direction of human-environment relations.

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