Bharat Wifi : Prime Minister Narendra Damodara Das Modi will soon launch India’s Wi-Fi  Bharat Wifi Yojna , what is it, Bharat Wi Fi scheme and Bharat Wi-Fi Yojna Details is available in Hindi language, You will be told in Hindi language as questions can be made for examinations around this scheme.

Bharat Wifi Yojna India Wi Fi

The most important thing is that the direct purpose of this scheme can be strengthened in a better internet system in our country and the goal of Bharat Wifi Yojna is also something like this. In 2019, 10 lakh Wi-Fi hotspots will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Oct. 25.

The way to establish 10 lakh public WiFi Hotspot in the country has been cleared. The telecommunications department has approved the technology used by the telecom companies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch this scheme on October 25 This scheme is named “India Wi-Fi” Bharat Wi-Fi . It is planned to be fully implemented by March 2019 next year. Telecom companies had presented the model and technology of Wi-Fi hotspot in front of the Department of Telecommunications. The special thing is that any mobile company’s customer will be able to use any Wi-Fi hotspot.

Bharat Wifi Yojna

Companies agreed that the telecom companies had filed some objections earlier in this case, but now all India is ready to play their role in the Wi-Fi scheme . According to an official of the department, the Prime Minister will start the scheme on October 25, after which the telecom companies will start work on implementing the plan.

What is the WiFi Yojana?

Small operators will also be able to see the data from the PDO in the office of the office. This will allow small operators to enter the market easily.

A large number of jobs will be generated According to telecom secretary Aruna Sundararajan, there was a plan to install 5 lakh public Wi-Fi hotspots, which was increased to 10 lakhs. Telecommunication Commission had stamped the recommendations of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India for providing internet services at cheaper rates to the general public.